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In Dec 2017, we landed at Bandaranaike International Airport late at night and as people whose sanity is connected to how many bars there are on the top of our phones, finding a prepaid sim card is always the first thing on the to do list.

Our research points to two major mobile companies that offer tourist data sim cards – Mobitel and Dialog. I found this article, looked around on the company website and decided on Dialog, because it seemed to have better cover coverage.≈

From the dialog website (,

  • You can find the Dialog counter located near baggage check out. (Customs Desk)
  • Provide your passport and mobile phone. Our customer care agent will take care of the rest. (Average time taken for SIM activation is around 4 minutes).

The dialog counter is just right outside the gate after baggage claim, Mobitel is on the right. When we got there, there was a line of 5-8 people waiting and hardly anyone at Mobitel. Despite that we would stick to Dialog and dutifully waited our turn (and secretly wished the family in front of us would – just – move – faster – when they took turn handing in their phones for the guy.

It took around 15 min waiting for our turn. We handed in our passport and phone for the guy. It took 5 min for him to install the sim, change the setting and viola, we had data!


This was what was listed on the website. It includes some local call time so we can call our driver from time to time. As for data we saw the sign on the counter we would have 7GB during daytime and 8GB at night. That’s more! Not that it mattered – this is more than enough for facebook ,whatsapp, emails, web browsing, google mapping. Unless you intend to stream netflix for THE ENTIRE DAY, this is no problem.

Approx. (USD 9)

Data Quota

[4GB Any time + 5GB Morning Boost*]

International Calls & SMS Quota (IDD)


Local Calls & SMS Quota


*12 Midnight to 8.00 am



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